Why I am writing this blog?  Therapy probably. Hope for others?  Maybe.  Could there possibly be anyone in this world that cares about my blog?  Probably not. Is there a central theme yet? No. Is is about my life? Yes, for a while. Will it be grammatically correct? Sometimes no. Because I am lazy. Will it be for my children? Yes. Will it be for others? Perhaps. Will it be about anything other than myself? Yes. Will there be poetry? Absolutely. The first post was about being a kid of circumstance, like so many are now. Back then, there did not seem to be many like me. Perhaps they were around, but not as much as today. Today abuse is out in the open. Physical, sexual, mental, everyone talks about it. It was not prevalent then and if it was in the home, the child would get their butt kicked if you told anyone. Police and social workers were never brought into the picture. You just endured the pain in silence. You wondered why mommy and daddy did not want you. You wondered what you did that was wrong. You cried yourself to sleep. You never told. Never. Things are different today and much better for the abused child or teen in many ways. Thank God. Early life can wait in this blog. It was pretty bad like a really good movie that a young person would watch today and wonder how in the world could this be a true story..Some of the names in this blog will be changed to protect those that really are innocent and were very helpful to a lost girl. This blog is not because I feel sorry for myself, nor is it to obtain pity from people. I don’t really know  why I started it. I will just say that it is probably a therapeutic exercise for now.  Sometimes this blog just numbered, sometimes if it is about something specific there will be a title. I truly believe that everyone is born with a specific talent. A talent such as being able to do math, or tear apart toasters just to put them back together again, or a God given singing voice, a musical talent, or such. You get the picture. I was born with a talent that I have never put to good use because I did not know how to, nor do I know how to do it now.  Here is a cute story. I was in second grade and the entire class was dreading the next segment of our ‘creative writing’ portion of our English class. The teacher told us to draw a picture, write a story, or a poem. The assignment was to pick two animals, put them together and write our story, poem, or draw our picture. I picked a crocodile and dog and called it a ‘croco-dog’ and he lived on a log. I of course wrote a poem about him, and drew a picture. The teacher put it up in the second grade hall. I thought it was so funny. My parents never saw it. I did not care. I loved the attention from the teachers that read it. From that moment on, I began to write poetry. When I was in middle school and Valentine’s Day came around, kids would ask me to write poems for them. I did of course and never was paid and never even thought about charging. There was a game show on in the early 70’s called, ‘Card Sharks’. There was a contest to write a poem about it. I wrote a poem, sent it in and the ‘prize’ was to have it announced on the show. Mine was chosen and of course it was read. My head swelled a bit, but the adults I lived with at the time did not think much of it. I did not care because I knew that it was a God given talent. I could write so fast on any subject at all. In high school, I had this crazy idea of waltzing into Hallmark and showing ‘the powers to be’ my talent. That never really panned out for me. I thought it was a terrific idea to be able to write cards and get paid for it. I briefly entertained the idea of driving to Nashville at the age of 17 and ‘finding a country singer’ and write for them. I had no idea where to find them, I kind of thought it would be fate. I would walk into a bar, (how unrealistic is that) and see someone like Dolly Pardon just sitting there, show her what I could do and get hired!! Ah, youth! So I will be showcasing some of my work but have recently decided just to publish a book of poetry for myself. If anyone likes it and buys it; even better. That would make me happy. More later…..


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