Who Is Mr. Moon?

When I was 15 I was unfortunately living with my birth father for a while. My step mother had a little boy. I was the built in baby sitter which I really didn’t mind, but the baby cried all of the time. As he grew and I moved out, he would sometimes misbehave when I would visit him. Since we share the same father, it was no surprise that the poor child received no discipline. His exhausted mother was working all of the time.

‘Mr. Moon’ is a fictional character that I made up. When he would misbehave, I would tell him that Mr. Moon was keeping an eye on him, and he had better behave, or he would get in big trouble. Mr. Moon really had a positive effect on him. One day I was at a concert I think, (Keith Urban of course) and saw this license plate with the name, ‘Mr. Moon’. I took a picture of it because it reminded me of what I used to tell my little half brother. He is a grown man now, all grown up and probably doesn’t even remember Mr. Moon.  It was cute because he would look for Mr. Moon and couldn’t find him. I bought an inexpensive telescope and he was in awe of Mr. Moon!  He got to see him up close. In the summer, when it was warm outside, I would take him to the back yard and point out Mr. Moon and the stars to him. In typical smarty pants fashion, as he got older, he would tell me Mr. Moon was too far away to do anything to him……that was when I knew Mr. Moon would no longer be my disciplinary friend!!

When I grew up, I also told my own children about Mr. Moon until they were old enough to know that Mr. Moon was the moon!!

This is the story of Mr. Moon and thus, my profile picture..for now.


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