Catchy title, right?  Buzz word. Whatever the new lingo is. A few years ago one of my children boarded a train at the depot in my town. Someone stepped down, helped her with her bag, she boarded the train, and off she went riding the rails to somewhere…I don’t remember where she was going. Upon her return, I asked her if her bag was searched. She said no. I began to think of security and terrorism. Shouldn’t there be some kind of security in place for trains, and metro rails?  There are hundreds of people on metro rails through out the country, as well as trains through out the country, and yet there  is no security at all. Perhaps there is security at some of the larger stations; I don’t know. Maybe in larger cities there is security. If not, then there should be. It is a hassle for those who fly, going through security, making sure bags are packed just right….I think unfortunately these days that it is absolutely necessary. I also think that our rail systems, large and small should have security in place. Who said terrorists just fly in planes?

These are the kind of thoughts that ramble through my mind. Perhaps just the foolishness of an old woman. I hope so.


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