I have cooked for years and years for a huge family, to include my own family of 8, when the kids were little, and many family gatherings.  I grew up with my grandmother who was really a ‘scratch cook’ if she wanted to be.  She, for some reason, did not do much ‘scratch cooking’ but knew how.  She would ask me if I wanted to learn such and such, and I would roll my eyes and say, ” When I grow up I won’t need to cook. I will have my own chef”! The problem is, I really believed it.  As I grew up, and started having children, I learned to cook on my through cook books. I only cooked a few large meals a year for my parents. I loved to cook, I guess because I had the time and money. I always bought the best ingredients, took my time, cooking with love you could say.

As the children moved out and had families of their own, my own household began to dwindle. The other children soon followed, going off to college.  I got tired of all the family getting together, me doing all the cooking, and of course the clean up was awful.  My daughter in law and son cook together and they began to bring dishes to gatherings and it really helped, but I really do not like the big gatherings at my place. I have gone to the, ” I have to serve on china” to paper plates to “bag or box for dinner?”

I have read so many cookbooks that only have 5 ingredients, or that have easy recipes, specific cookbooks for specific ingredients, but I still have problems motivating myself to cook. I really love to read cookbooks, I just don’t care for using them.

Last night one of my daughters came home from college. I told her I had not cooked in a week and asked her if she wanted to cook, because she entertained being a chef at one time. (We have a famous chef in the family; I just did not get the cooking gene I guess)….she was tired and did not want to cook by herself.  We made fettuccine together with mushrooms and Parmesan, only used three pots and pans….Not everyone liked it, but most of the family did. I swear it only took about 25 minutes from start to finish. It was fun!  Maybe one of the secrets of cooking is just to have someone to cook with….

Since I am living with my husband and two sons, and mainly they grunt at me, perhaps I will talk with the dogs in the kitchen while cooking…I talk to them anyway.  I think that they think that I am crazy. The nice thing about the dogs in the kitchen with me, is that they are smelling whatever I am cooking, they are not picky, and they are always looking at me with love….because they want a bite!  (of course)



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