Snow Day

Today we awoke to about 3″ of snow.  Under the beautiful blanket of snow is ice. Today is a ‘stay at home day’, ‘get things done day’. But first, I will cook breakfast. In another post, I told of my relationship with the kitchen which is ….none.  However, I forgot to mention that there is only one meal I enjoy cooking—breakfast. I am not sure when or where I learned to cook breakfast, but sometime along the journey of my life, I did learn to cook breakfast. Ironic, I can not even eat eggs unless they are hard boiled or in a dish. I was literally force fed by my birth mother when very young. I will save you the horrific details, but I was sick immediately; and then promptly spanked. So eggs and I do not get along very well.

However, I do cook them for my family. Only a few of them like my eggs. I can not really taste them without feeling sick, so I improvise. I can make wonderful pancakes, french toast, breakfast casseroles, french toast, and scrapple.

Since the men in my life, my two sons still at home, and my husband are home today due to the snow, I have decided I will make them breakfast.  I have a new secret weapon. I love my griddle. I have had several through out the years, but I recently purchased a griddle with a ceramic top. Not expensive, the same price as regular griddles you can purchase at Walmart. This griddle was maybe four dollars more. A miracle griddle for me!!  Easy to cook on, but best of all, easy to clean!!

I don’t know how the rest of the day will go, but my morning will go well because the men will soon be smiling, once they start to smell the food.

After they take their plates and mumbled, ‘thanks mom, or thanks honey’….I think I will have some myself.  After all, it is a Snow Day and I can not go anywhere……why not?

My secret ingredient making pancakes?  Buttermilk!!  (shhhh!!)






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