A Happy Thought

My previous post was about eating disorders, so it’s time for a happy thought!  Last night, the roads were pretty bad, at least in my neighborhood. The road was a solid sheet of ice. My eldest son was working late and I was nervous about him driving home. He texted his dad when he was leaving, so I went upstairs. I bundled up and put on my favorite winter hat and boots and walked out onto the side porch. I heard peals of laughter and figured the children across the street were sledding or something. I watched two people fly down the road, (we live on a hill) and they sounded familiar. YES it was my husband and my 15 year old. They were sliding down the road on BOOGIE BOARDS.

My older son had just pulled in, and I went to look for hot chocolate, but then remembered that they would think that was really ‘lame’.  I used to make it all the time when everyone was little. I was glad that they thought I was lame because I had no hot chocolate and was too tired to make it from scratch.

My Happy Thought was seeing my son and husband having fun in the middle of the night, and my Happier Thought was my son making it home safe!!

All was well….


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