He landed on the highway???

In other posts,  I have written about the Evil One, who is my birth father. I do not like this man. He is a very bad man. However, he was an awesome pilot. He had just received his pilot’s license; he was about 23 years old. It was one of his first flights, so I should say he BECAME an awesome pilot. He was not watching his fuel gauge.  I forget the kind of plane he was flying at the time. It was his first plane, so he was probably excited, (but then again he is dumb so who knows…..He kept his plane at an airport in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He was flying in Maryland. It was not that far by plane to get back to his home base, but he was out of gas. He looked down and saw Indian Head Highway, and as luck would have it, saw a police car. He wrote a note on a clipboard and dropped it somehow on the cop’s car. Of course the police must have thought he was crazy, buzzing the highway so low. He pulled over and retrieved the clip board. In those days, the traffic was not anything like it was today. Miraculously, the police cleared the entire highway and the Evil One landed on the highway. It was written up in all the papers. Big News back in those days. They escorted him to an airport nearby, he fueled up, and took off. Ah, youth…..He would not have been able to do that today without consequences I am sure. I grew up hearing about this story. As I reflect upon this tale, (I have read the newspaper accounts), I have to wonder what he was thinking….He should have made sure he had enough fuel before he took off. The area was surrounded by farm land so he really could have landed in a field, although it would have been a bumpy landing, so maybe he was scared. Perhaps he thought he was a daredevil. I really do not know…..but growing up hearing his tales, I liked this one the best. It was kind of cool to a child’s mind, to know her daddy landed his plane in the middle of a highway. As an adult, I think he was kind of stupid, because I have driven that highway many times, and I discovered that Freeway Airport, (which is still there) was not too far from where he landed.  I know that they did not outfit the planes back then like they do now, they probably have a gps system or something. He could have radioed the tower, and perhaps he did.  He may not know the airport was so close…. I still think he was foolish and dumb…..but it was a great story growing up…..

More flying tales to come….


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