A Happy Thought

Two blogs posted about health issues, so it’s time for a happy thought.

My daughter bought me one of those new Adult Coloring books. I don’t really know why they call them that. I have always colored. I love to color. It relaxes me. This evening I was cooking dinner, and I was coloring while waiting for the oven to go off because I can not watch television. I don’t know how to turn it on. Seriously. I really don’t. Every time I try to  push the buttons on the remote, I can get the television to come on, but when I push the button for the cable, all kinds of funny things come on the screen and I can never get a channel to come on. I have given up. I am sitting on the couch, coloring, when my Shorkie dog, Sabrina, jumps up next to me. I pet her and talk to her, YES she thinks she is a person. She is wonderful company. All of a sudden, the television comes on. The channels come on! I am surprised and amazed.  Sabrina turned it on of course, as the remote was lying beneath her. I was so happy. I gently took it from her and put on a show I like, and continued coloring and in no time at all, dinner was ready. I have found the secret of the wretched television it’s wretched friend the remote!!  Just put it on the couch and ask Sabrina to jump up next to me. I am going to try it tomorrow and see if she can do it again. She is brilliant you know…


2 thoughts on “A Happy Thought

  1. Ha! I got 3 of them for Christmas and love them (ok, 2 for Christmas and 1 when I got the flu). They are relaxing…but I can only take them a few minutes at a time most days because of the pain…unless I’m on my heavy duty ones and then I color outside the lines…lol!


  2. Coloring outside the lines is perfect. You create beautiful pieces of art that way. Besides, it’s no fun being someone who colors inside the lines!! MS does NOT define who you are. It’s just another hill to climb (sometimes a mountain, I know)…


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