Happy thought…it’s time

I did not know once I started blogging that I would have to post so many happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are difficult for me, because I am, by nature, (as I have been told) negative. Happy thoughts when I blog are for blogs posted previously that were about something that was not happy. Does that sound right?  Not really. Anyway, a few days ago we ran out of hot water. Not really a big deal..right? Well with the freezing cold weather, the snow and the ice, the cold showers really were not working. I was washing the dishes thinking that they really weren’t clean, and running the dishwasher would not sanitize the dishes, and oh my goodness we are going to get some heeby jeeby bacteria and blah blah blah….I am used to getting things done so waiting four days was a PROBLEM for me. However, today the hot water is back on, and it sounds silly, but that is my Happy Thought for this evening. A nice warm shower, clean dishes, YES!!


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