Collie: Maggie my love

I have to say, I did not think that I would blog about the dogs in my life, but I am so glad I have a platform to give them, ‘props’ as the young generation says…I love the fact that these words will float out to cyberspace and my darling animals will get the proper attention and love they deserve.

I have been a hobby breeder of dogs for about twenty years. I have taken a break for a while, and am not breeding right now. About 15 years ago, we bought a puppy, a collie, and she belonged to my daughter. My daughter always loved Maggie, but she fell in love with horses, (another story entirely) and Maggie became one of the ‘tribe’.  I never thought of breeding her….I don’t know why. She was gorgeous, a Lassie dog, only Tri color, black, white and brown. A beautiful caramel brown, with little caramel ‘kisses’ above her eyes. She was smart. Potty trained in no time. She was so very loving…

At the time, I was breeding Brussels Griffons, and I had several females and one male. Collies are herding dogs by nature and that is exactly what Maggie did – she herded the Griffons, kept them out of trouble.

We were living on 10 acres at that time, and Maggie loved to run.  She ran like the wind. She was kind and gentle, and loved everyone. You hear people say this about their animals, but Maggie was truly a wonderful dog. She was so loving and well behaved. She always waited like a lady until the other dogs ate, never made messes, never got into trouble.

One day it was snowing and icing. The dogs were out and Maggie was loving the snow. Maggie was herding the Griffons, trying to keep them from getting in the road. The road was not traveled much, it was a gravel road, and only a few houses in our neighborhood. One of my neighbors had an old farm truck and he was driving home. Maggie was running along side, as she always did, but never in the road. She was running atop a snow drift that had iced over. She slid under his wheel.

My neighbor stopped immediately, I was outside doing something. I don’t even know what. I just remember screaming and screaming. My eldest son was home, he was about 19 at the time. He ran over to the road and picked Maggie up. She was crying, but not very loud. My son was so angry at me because he said I was going crazy over a Dog. Maggie had broken her leg.

We took her to the vet and the vet and I had known one another for years. She knew that I was heart broken. The broken limb could not be fixed in those days. (They maybe could fix it now?) The solution was to have Maggie be on 3 legs or put her down.

I agonized for days over this. I sat with her and talked to her. I cried and cried to my husband, and we talked about it for days and days. Soon you could tell she was in pain. She was not herself at all. My husband decided for me, after consulting with the vet. I could not decide to chop her leg off or to put her down.

My husband went to the vet for a consultation. I do not even know what they talked about. He picked up Maggie and she never came back. He came back with tears in his eyes and told me that Maggie would never run again…..and she loved to run….A few months later, my husband and daughter drove over six hours to buy Maggie’s brother from a new litter. He was not the same. He did not look right to me. I was mourning her deeply. They took him back.

I still miss her after all this time.


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