Flying over the Falls

If you read my blogs about flying you may think I really liked it. I actually like the fact that I flew so much when I was young. At the time, for the most part, I hated it. What kid wants to spend their weekends at the airport, or flying, when they can be with their friends?

My birth parents were very strange. They would fly all over the place, and camp. Under the wing of the plane. Aviation enthusiasts probably think this a very cool thing to do, but I really hated it. It was truly ‘roughing it’ for a kid. I shudder to think of it.

However, we did fly to Niagara Falls one time and it was amazing. I do not think that they allow you to fly over the falls today, but in those days, they did. We stayed at some airport, camping under the wing of course, but during the day we took a tour of the falls and they were awesome and mighty and amazing and I do not have enough fabulous adjectives to describe it. But the BEST part was looking out the window of the plane, seeing those mighty falls dropping below. We were maybe 500 feet above them. Probably illegal today. I can tell you it was the greatest way to see them in all their unadulterated glory!  I still feel the shiver of excitement, forty years or so later.

It’s one of best memories of flying…

More flying tales to come…


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