Anxiety….what to do when

Part of having anxiety is thinking about the next panic attack and then having scary thoughts which leads to  more anxiety and it gets so exhausting…

An older lady from England I think wrote a book on anxiety. I have done the workbooks, ‘programs’, and read and read and read books on anxiety. The book is packed for my upcoming move, but once I move I will find it and post the author. It’s about $7.00 and well worth it. I read the book, paper clipped certain pages that pertained to me, and carried it around for years. When I would have a panic attack, I would read her book. I would read it until it sunk in my Anxiety Rattled Brain, and it helped me calm down.

Breathing: One thing she said, and I realized I was doing, (or not doing) was not breathing properly. I would either hold my breath, and not even know I was doing it, or I would breathe from my shoulders, and thus have terrible pains in my side which I was sure was a disease or disorder and I probably need surgery good heavens I need a doctor…..and so it went on and on, around and around.

Solution: When in Panic or Anxiety mode:  Slap your hand on your belly, breathe in and make your belly rise. I was not very good at that. Here’s how I learned:  I would lay on the couch and put a book on my belly. I would make the book rise, by breathing deeply, correctly. I just practiced. I was desperate.  Hyperventilating leads to ….Yep. Anxiety. Breathing properly and slowly for fifteen to twenty minutes calms one down immediately.

Another great thing for Anxiety is massage. If you can afford it. Which sadly I can not. I have had two massages my entire life. One when I had pneumonia, misdiagnosed of course which led to?  Yep. Anxiety. Thus, the massage, ordered by my doctor of all people! The  Second time was when my daughter gave me a gift certificate. I walked out both times feeling like I was soft and pliable, like all the cares of the world just flew out of the top of my head. If I could afford it, I would have a massage a few times a week.

Sleep:  When we sleep, our bodies repair themselves. However, it is hard to sleep when you have anxiety. Sometimes it is necessary to see a doc and get something to help. Sleep is essential.

Food:  We all know what is good for us and what is not. The information is everywhere. Anxiety sufferers tend to eat too much or not enough, and we certainly do not drink enough water. I do not even like to drink water. However, I have Made Myself Drink It. It only took about a week. It was Not Fun. I gave up sodas, but Not Coffee. I do, however, stay hydrated. Water works. Really.  I tend to overeat when I am upset. I feel like I need something to make myself feel better, so maybe a pie, candy, ice cream? No. This Is Not The Answer.

I know much about my companion, Anxiety for I have suffered for over twenty years. Sadly, I do not practice what I know to do.

Exercise is supposed to boost our serotonin. However, we have to work longer than most people to get enough in order to feel better and not have more anxiety. I am not really very good at exercising. However, I do try and start each day over, telling myself I Will Do Better Today. I will let you know when that works.

Laughter:  I like to watch three different comedians. Two on television, one on YouTube. In the middle of an ‘event’ I have to force myself. I laugh until I cry. It really does help the feeling that bugs are crawling all over me, I am so tense, I am shaking, what is wrong with me……Laughter works.

Doctors:  They are wonderful, they are irritating, I am so thankful we have them. It is best to rule out something like a thyroid problem which can cause…yes. Anxiety. When the doctor has told you a million times that you have Anxiety, maybe you can start taking steps to help yourself…See a doc first, rule out anything serious, (which will give you more anxiety)…then you can wrestle like I did with the fact that you are actually doing it to yourself. Don’t you feel better now? That Was a Joke..

More on Anxiety later, I am feeling anxious just writing this. Hope this helps fellow Anxiety Fighters.







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