Happy Thought, need one after…

Need a Happy Thought after writing about Anxiety. When I read what I wrote I feel more anxiety. Sheesh!

My 15 year old and I have the same conversation almost every day:

Mom:  Did you do your school work?

Son:  Yes.

Mom: Do you understand it, do you need help?

Son: Yes, no.

Son: What’s for dinner?

Mom: blah blah blah

Son: When is it going to be ready? I’m starving.

So, you can imagine how I felt when my youngest son, my eldest son, and myself went to work on the fixer upper, sorry. FIXER UPPER we bought for a song. I mean real PLEASE DON’T TEAR ME DOWN, I have no heat, no air conditioning, bad windows, mold, need a new roof, have busted pipes, FIXER UPPER  house. We went to the property and cleaned out a few rooms so my husband the contractor can work on the house so We Can Move.

We rented a trailer and spent hours taking JUNK out of the house, TRASH and you just don’t want to know out of the house, delivering some of the stuff to my friend, who is selling us this place, another trip to the dump, then returning the trailer….whew!! We were so tired.

My 15 year old and I really did not want to go home, and yet we were tired, smelly and Hungry. We went out and ate pancakes at a local restaurant and Talked. It was wonderful!! Maybe he doesn’t hate me after all!!




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