Happy Thought when I write about…

Writing about Anxiety is good in come ways because maybe someone else can be helped by knowing that many people have this ridiculous condition. However, a Happy Thought is in order.

I carried around Werthers Candy, hard caramel candy. I am told that they are ‘old people candy’ by my children. There must be a lot of old people because half the time I can’t find them. I had what you may call a little addiction to them and stopped eating them. Tonight I was mad at my husband and son, so disappeared into a grocery store that stays open All Night. It was great. No one was there but me!  I perused the aisles, taking my time, just looking at things, and casually picked up a bag of my favorite candy!!

I forgot I had them in my purse. Then I started writing about Anxiety, and suddenly remembered my delicious candy…..

Yep. That’s my Happy Thought. Caramel candy!


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