today I had a scare…

Off you rode on your new bike,

me praying you’d be alright….

you coming home and nothing but smiles,

laughter and joy as you rode away miles

spent some time chatting and off you flew

enjoying something raw and new….

and then you turned white and your brown eyes grew wide

My tummy churned deep inside

You emailed the doc…why I ask?

I was short of breath riding you said with a sigh….

You left for work and I was stunned

No response I felt so dumb

called the doc, I hate to wait

for him to call back

when I’m in this state….

are you okay? I text you at work

you respond back just like a jerk

sorry my love is what I mean

parenting doesn’t stop at eighteen

I sit here and write

I stop and start

damn it damn it

your broken heart

—-I hate HCM heart disease







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