People mean well..

People mean well when they say things, sometimes they just don’t know what a person is going through even though they may have that smile permanently planted on their face. People mean well when they say something to another, and the ‘another’ tells you. Here’s what I mean:

A friend told a friend that my poetry isn’t poetry, it’s ‘light poetry’ or perhaps ‘prose’. I have heard this before, as old as I am I have heard so many things….however, they prefer poetry that does not rhyme. The uniqueness of my poetry isn’t that it’s poetry or light poetry or prose.  I don’t know if I mentioned this another post and don’t want to go back through them all, but I started writing in second grade; poetry. Had no idea I could write. The words come quickly and happen to rhyme. End of story. That’s it. A rhyming poem takes no longer than ten minutes, usually less. I have timed it. I used to play a game with my children. One would time me, another would choose the topic. I usually write a poem in about two minutes. That, is the talent, not necessarily ‘rhyming poetry’…however, I also enjoy Haiku, and I can write regular poetry too.  (hah!  that rhymed!!)

Regular non Rhyming Poem


A hat covers my head as a helmet of armor

Your words don’t hurt me

My chair is just a chair

So what if it moves

I have to do what you do

I have to shop for food

Your words don’t hurt me

Are you thinking of saying something mean

like get out of my way

I am slower but that is not for you to judge

I am the same as you

An illness does not define me

I hide behind my hat you can not hurt me

Your words don’t hurt me

Back home exhaustion covers me it is my blanket

Your words don’t hurt me

Your thoughts do

I hear them




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