Happy Thought

My happy thought for today is my son seems to be accepting his heart disease in a healthier way than he was before.

Allow me to explain:  Shortly after he was diagnosed, I was contacted by another heart doc that was ‘tracking’ young people with HCM heart disease. I did not Want To Talk to Him. The reason is because he was planning on running through the same ole tests that my son had already had, and then ‘tracking him’ for five years to see if there was a Sudden Event.  They call death a Sudden Event.  What a dumb name.  Anyway, I did not even mention it to my son.  However, the doc contacted him directly (of course).

Today my son casually told me that he has decided to take part in the doc’s study.  He said he wanted to do this because it could help another teen such as himself.  Thank goodness I was packing for our upcoming move and he could not see my face.  He was getting ready to walk out the door, which is His Usual when he Casually Drops Bombs on me.

Once the door closed, the Cries came to visit.  They didn’t stay long. I was crying for him, but in a good way because he is no longer Determined to Kill Himself by Acting Like a Fool, but instead, thinking of ways to cope and help others.  The good thing about this study is that they also provide counseling….Win!


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