My mom once said…

My Mom (from now on, Mom is my grandmother, my true mother) had many words of wisdom over the years. Most of them I laughed my head off at. I did not believe a word she said, and thought she was crazy as a shit house rat.   (crazy as a shit house rat was her saying by the way, I never asked her what a shit house rat is?)  However, now that I am older, I think back to some of the things she said. I was about 20, and wanted to write a scathing letter to someone. I don’t even remember what I was so riled up about. Mom told me to be careful what I put in writing. Once it’s in writing, you can not take it back. I often think of those words. Sometimes I may receive a text message from someone and really want to fire back at them, but I remember what Mom said. I then delete whatever I was going to write. I do the same thing with emails. The other thing she used to say was, ‘Be careful what you say about people; it will come back to you”.  I have not made it a practice to be mean spirited towards people, (except my husband, Poor Man), but I have noticed that this saying of hers can be true. For instance, I might have heard a thin and pretty woman say something about a larger woman. I would then see the thin woman a few years later, and lo and behold, she has become a large woman!!  Mom was so wise!!  She also had all kinds of ‘home remedies’ for things. I would snort at most of them. However, again, as I have grown older, many of them work. For example, she would tell me to pour a glass of coke, stir it with a spoon, let it sit a few minutes. It was great for an upset stomach. I have tried this numerous times with myself as well as my children, and it really does help!  She used to tell me to clean with lemons. I thought they were for iced tea or lemonade. Not only. They are great to scrub away yukky stuff in the kitchen and bathroom. She was right again!  When cooking, (which I always turned my nose up at) she would tell me to be sure to add salt to any kind of noodles and they would not stick. Works like a charm!  Charred food on pots, add water and salt, let sit, and then scrub away…Add spices at the end of cooking, they lose their flavor when you add at the beginning… true…. Sore tooth?  Whiskey on a cotton ball….yep, that works too!!  Wise, wise, woman she was! I know she is looking down on me from Heaven thinking that maybe I am not so Dense after all!  I finally got it!  I hope she knows I use her silly sayings, home remedies, and wise sayings almost every day in one form or another!!  She also used to say that I was very boring because I liked to read and write and she would rather be out ‘ripping up the roads’….(not literally)..I hope!  One more thing she did which is just too funny. She told me that once I reached the age of 29, starting Adding a year to my age. She said that if I did this, then people would Really Think I looked Good For my Age!!  Silly woman!!  She always said that she was 87. I did not know until she died that she was 86. She forgot her age!!  She is always timeless to me….


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