The Women in my life….

#1 had many girlfriends. He brought most of them home. They came and went much like a revolving door. One in particular loved my cooking which was amazing because I am a horrible cook. This girl was so thin, I loved to feed her. (the Italian in me) #1 spent more and more time with this girl and soon they were a couple. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom for a while and then with her dad. About 15 years ago, on Christmas Eve, we were celebrating, having a wonderful time. Mom was with me and I was ignoring the tension in the house. My husband knew a secret that he had not told me. #1 was going to be a daddy. Being the psychopathic Mama Bear and Matriarch that I was at the time, I blamed it all on the poor girl. My son was destined for greatness!!  He was brilliant! How dare this snippet of a girl trap him!  I was furious. I called both of her parents and tried to come up with a solution. The young girl was only 16. Both of her parents wanted her to get rid of the baby, but I was a proponent of adoption. My husband told #1 that the child should be born, come what may, if that is what they wanted. #1 wanted this child. Neither of her parents would take her in, so my husband invited her to be part of our family and they were married Very Young. I was Not Happy.  I was only 38, with ‘much to do’ and had no time for this foolishness. The girl was sick all the time. I just knew she was faking it. My son was busy trying to finish high school and that ridiculous girl was Ruining His Life. I was Hell on Wheels. Awful. At the height of my career as a contractor, juggling My Own Kids, and taking care of Mom, I had No Time for this. One day I came in from work and the girl was white as a ghost and terribly sick. My mother’s heart thankfully came out and off to the hospital we went. She was put on IV fluids for dehydration. I could not even imagine a little life was inside her, she had no flesh on her bones!!  I decided to feed her.  I prayed that God would change my heart. Very slowly, the anger disappeared. This poor teen had no where to go, and she was scared. She was so sick the entire pregnancy. I decided to Fix Her.  I helped her study for her G.E.D. because she had quit school. I helped to teach her to drive along with #1.

I went on a holiday in the summer and the young girl called me and begged me to come home. They were going to induce her labor and she was scared. My husband thought I was going to raise my middle finger. I raised my hand, much like a Queen, and said, ‘We are Going Home’. ‘She needs me’.  The children Were Not Happy and Complained the Entire Time, and after driving through the night, I rushed to the hospital to be by her side. I called her parents, not sure if they would come. I was so pleased that they did arrive. I was at the bottom of her bed, her pushing on my hands, with the doc by my side, and she delivered my granddaughter like a champion.  She handed the baby to me to hold, but I declined, and said Her Mother should hold her first. (I really wanted to slap her mother but I Did the Right Thing)……That poor little teen grew into a woman that I admire greatly.  She is a Saint for being married to #1. He can be very trying at times, although he means well. This girl turned into a very hard working woman in the medical field, earning much more money that I can. She is still in school, struggling to get a degree as well as work and be a good wife and mother. She is a fabulous cook, (I certainly did not teach her)…  She is an excellent mother, a True Mama Bear herself. When I get the Cries or Anxiety creeps into my veins, I call Her. She is a comforter, a nurturer, a very loving wife.  They have had many storms to weather over the years but they are Still in Love and Still Married.  When I visit their home, I smile to myself because she still decorates much like I did when she first came into our life. I am so proud of her and call her Daughter and Friend. I would not call her a Wild Woman, like those in my past, but she is a Loving and Kind and Wonderful young woman.

The crux of this story is this:  I was wrong. I have apologized and will never be able to make it up to her. I treated her terribly in the beginning. My son knew better. He knew how to protect himself and a girl. He just took a chance. I found out later, much to my chagrin, that it was her very first time….poor little love. I do love her so…..and am so thankful that God overlooked my hatefulness and gave my son a wonderful wife.


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