The Women in my life….

I was very small and scrawny as a child. When my parents took me back from my grandmother, they enrolled me in a nursery school. I was not very good at athletics or games, and was always the last one chosen for teams. Amazing how mean four year old kids can be…  I was lonely. I was sad. I was depressed. I loved rainy days because on rainy days, we had to stay inside and learn things, and not be outside.  I missed my mama (grandmother)

One day, it was very hot outside and all of the children were playing. I did not want to go outside. My teacher, Mrs. Porter, (I still remember her name) asked me if I wanted to learn to read. I was only four. I told her Yes!!  She began to teach me my ABCs and she believed in phonics before they were a ‘thing’.  I learned to read at four because of her. She could never have known what an impact she made on my life, nor how wonderful reading treated me. I escaped to far away lands, had many adventures, and disappeared from living with my parents. I quickly graduated from ‘baby books’ to chapter books and then larger chapter books. I was like a sponge. I read everything I could get my hands on. I devoured books like food. I always carried a book with me. I would hide them in text books while at school when I got older. (Not Good)

Mrs. Porter also taught me how to write. I knew all of my reading and writing and did not go to kindergarten. Too bad she did not teach me math. It is the bane of my existence, although I use it in my work as a contractor which is very weird.

This teacher probably had no idea the influence she would have over a lonesome little girl. She probably never knew that in many ways, she saved my childhood life. I do not know how I could have managed without my books. I did not care if I had toys, good thing too because I never had many, but don’t take my library card!!  I am still the same way. I still devour books on any subject. I have traveled all over the world, had adventures on the high seas, flew planes in the war, and have had mad love affairs….all through the world of books.  She introduced me to words.  What an awesome teacher, and I bet she never even realized it……thank you to all you hard working teachers!!


this is a true story






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