Anxiety was churning..

Anxiety has really been Making It’s Presence Known, as I have said in the previous post. I was supposed to visit my grandson, who is about three hours away with traffic. I was not anxious about seeing him. I was not anxious about the drive. I was just In A State of Anxiety. I went anyway. Made Myself. My daughter was counting on me as well, so I felt a responsibility to be there. We arrived late, (my daughter and a friend went along with me), and of course I felt Guilty. I was actually waiting on my companions to get ready, but Still Felt Guilty. Once there, my anxiety was Trampled Down. My grandson just laughs and laughs for no reason particularly. He has fun when played with and loves to sit in this ‘thing’ that they have and jump and play. He is hilarious!!  I laughed and laughed and cuddled and cuddled and held him and fed him and had a wonderful  Day. My daughter and her hubs did not get home until later, so I had about six or seven hours with him. I decided to do laundry for her, and grocery shop for her as well. That kept me busy. I took many pictures of my grandson, and he is just adorable. Once we left, I held it together until half way home and the Cries came to visit. I really do think part of this is The Menopause. It is not fun.

Happy thought:  my grandson.  He makes me happy and I wish we lived closer. I would see him every day, selfishly for myself. He makes me forget my troubles and worries and I lose myself in the Joy of being a Grandmother. It’s been too long since I have been around Adorable Babies!


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