Home School

I will post many more tales of home schooling later….

This is the first.

I home schooled four of my children.  Will get into the whys later.

Once, many moons ago, we read a story about Native Americans. It was part of a History curriculum.  It was a fiction book, but had much insight. The Native Americans would see the Europeans move into their land and wonder why they had so much ‘stuff’. The Native Americans were happy with planting their food, hunting their game for meat, and living in simple shelter.  They could not understand why the White Man had to build a house to live in, move in the family, and then build ‘out buildings’ to hold more stuff that they rarely used.

This story really stayed with me, because it was years ago that I read it with one of my kids, who is now getting ready to graduate college.

It is particularly poignant to me now as I am moving again, hopefully the last for a long time, or maybe forever.

We have been in this rental for eight years. The time has flown by, literally. I never wanted to fix up or decorate or enhance this house much because it was not ours. My mistake in that was that it was not really my style, nor my ‘way’.  I have always made a house a home where the children felt ‘comfy’. A safe haven, away from all the stress of the world. I did not do that here…for eight years. I did, however, allow Things to accumulate to the point of me being completely overwhelmed.

The move is in two weeks, give or take. I am not packed. I am not ready. I have yet to change addresses, update drivers’ license, etc. I have yet to put things for sale that we are not taking. I look around and wish I could afford to call someone to just come and get everything and start over. I would love to give it all away and just buy new everything. Not that I am fancy, but because it is just too much.

The home that we are purchasing is from a friend that was going into foreclosure and with some very creative financing, we are actually buying it. That in and of itself is a miracle, as we lost our home in the recession of 2008. The house was literally open to the elements for seven months. Once we started working on it in December, (it is all my poor husband doing the work as we have no money to pay someone) the house needed a new roof, all walls and ceilings torn down and replaced, due to mold. We have our old refrigerator, thank goodness, for none of the appliances worked or were just too disgusting to use. We have a sink set up on plywood in the kitchen and no stove. I do have my favorite appliance, the Crock Pot, and a griddle, and an outside grill that #1 purchased for Dad on Fathers’ Day a few years ago. We will be fine. Previous posts will tell you that I Hate to Cook. We have one bathroom to service a family of six, doors that need replacing, cracked windows, no a/c or heat. The window a/c units were gross with mold, and because of my son’s condition, I am afraid of them so they had to go. The oil furnace is a million years old and does not work. The plumbing is a disaster, but my hubs fixed us up with hot and cold water. The well, (no more town living for me, sad…) is okay, but the pumps are bad and will need to be replaced and we are out of money. My hubs fixed us a switch to turn on the water and then turn it off again. (Let’s see if the boys will remember that).  After using water for cooking or showers, if you don’t turn off the pump, it will soon burn out and of course we will have no water so that should be Big Fun Reminding Everyone to Turn off the Water Switch.  #2 and #3 helped us out with credit cards and that is how we were able to do the work already accomplished. We will be in debt once it is all said and done, but not like buying a house for even fifty thousand. In the end, it will be worth it. The laundry room was built by Harry Homeowner, complete with tree roots growing into it.  Yes. We are taking it off the house ….eventually. In April my hubs has a big job in his ‘real world’ so he will have no time to work on the house. We are essentially camping in a house.

Still, we are so grateful for this opportunity. Time and time again, over and over, the story of the Native Americans remains in my mind. I wish I could remember the title of the book to share….It is a really good lesson for everyone.

Every time I go to put something in a box that I Never Use, I think of that story and it goes into the Donation Pile!!







11 thoughts on “Home School

  1. Hah! That’s a good one! The kids I have home schooled entered the University of Va. at 18, graduated with degrees before they were 21!!! There are reasons we home schooled. We have not always done so, my kids went to public, private, and have been home schooled. The problems we had with public school were not with the schools. The schools were fine. I am a product of public school and two of my daughters are school teachers. #1 was an A Student until 10th grade, then got into heaps of trouble, was thrown out, ran into trouble with the law…..when we moved to a different county, we were ‘attached’ to a school where the Principal told us all the Horrible Things going on in that school….and it was Elementary! Thus, we home schooled. I am not much for it, in fact, was never in favor of it. Felt it was impossible with working and taking care of my mom. However, I purchased a top notch curriculum and have thus far been able to see it through…My goal is this: If I am to home school, then the children go to community college and get at least an A.A. University is up to them. At least they will have more than I had starting out…. Out of six kids, all are formally educated except the youngest. He will be too!! .Thanks Jeffrey! (p.s. I worry constantly about doing a good enough job home schooling and have been struggling with the youngest (15), but I don’t care what people think thank goodness)!!

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  2. Yes, Thank you Jeffrey! I am really trying Not to Express myself as much as I used to with the family because it just causes friction…thank goodness I can write about them!


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