Did you ever…?

When I was younger I would be listening to someone who would be talking and talking and talking, barely taking a breath, and I would respond, ‘really’? or ‘I know’, or ‘is that right’?

or something similar… I may have really been interested but I don’t even remember, maybe I was gunning for a promotion, who cares??  .Mom always said do not say anything if you can’t say something nice, right?  I followed that principle to the best of my ability.

Young vs. Old:  free write

The Menopause:

Now these are the thoughts I have –

Oh my goodness would you please shut your mouth I am getting a headache, where is my Advil I need coffee you are so stupid please shut your mouth isn’t there someone else you can talk to besides me Do I wear something on my forehead that says I Listen to Crazy and
Annoying People all I want to do is pick up some groceries and here you are running off at the mouth oh no here comes the phone they are going to show me pictures of the little darling children I love kids I do but Especially Mine

and I don’t give a rat’s ass what little suzy is doing and Oh Yes so cute do you have a dog? I would rather see a picture of your dog not another picture of your kid oh your husband got a promotion and you are driving a new car and little johnny is going to such and such university oh how wonderful (who cares??)  and you are building a house how nice for you

you old bat you look like you just had botox and a face lift I know I don’t have on any make up I am too busy..by the way Did You Ask About How I am Doing or My Kids of course not you silly woman…. oh Thank God Above your phone is ringing oh Yes you must take that call see you later all Smiles

Sneering to myself as I walk Away- I Do Not Like that Woman who in the world is she???  She creeps me out Hello Anxiety I am leaving now yes that woman is Annoying she knows me but I don’t know Her yes she must be from one of the kids’ activities a Million Years Ago and now I am not pretty anymore but Old and Gray and Ugly and not even wearing a bra what is wrong with her why does she want to talk to me anyway I can’t stand her and Never Could…..

I am exhausted I have been  Crying All Day  and I have a Downstairs problem….Leave me Alone

The Menopause




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