Why I can’t..

I can’t seem to get my book finished. The book I am writing has been complete for about two years. It just needs a little polish, a little editing. The reason I can’t finish it is because when I go into the book and start editing, I get caught up in the story. It is fiction, a mystery, interwoven with history, and I have No Expectations that it will ever Become Big in the Publishing World. I am writing it for myself.

I started it on a desk top computer, then transferred it to a laptop which I had to Have and Can Not Figure out How to Use. All of my techie children are not home and I don’t want to bother them so I have to Find the Time to Figure it out for Myself. Sheesh !!  I am afraid that if I do that, I may lose The Book. Yes, it is on a flash drive as well thank goodness.

The other reason I am having trouble finishing it is because it’s hilarious. I edit, then read, then cackle with laughter, sometimes with tears running down my face. Then I have to find the tissues, which are always close by, then back to the book, more editing, (don’t they have editors for that)?? and then more laughter and the cycle continues….

Thus, I am still working on The Book. The Move is fast approaching in ten days or less and I am Not Packed Yet and still have Junk All Over the Place, so writing is out of the question.

I have days ‘slotted’ for certain things. This coming Saturday is ‘slotted’ for learning to use the ridiculous laptop. It has all of These Things on it that I don’t want Nor need but do not know how to Get It To Work.  The keyboard is weird and I hate the built in mouse. Yes I bought a mouse that you stick in what is called?  A wireless mouse along with a mouse pad because it’s just easier for me. Hey some of the older writers wrote on paper or typewriters..

I bought the Laptop when #2 was pregnant and I was in school. I Had to Have It. Then because of my son’s illness I was so distraught I dropped my classes and Did Not Use The Laptop. Sometimes I ask #5 to please help me, so he comes in, fingers flying like a wizard and fixes whatever I have done wrong, but he Does Not Show Me What I Did.

This is where the younger generation has an advantage. They know their computers. They know their phones. I don’t know if it is somehow zapped into their brains from a place that the Older Folks are not allowed to go, or if they learn it in school. For those children of mine that are in school, they rarely discuss their computer classes, just stating, ‘I knew all of that stuff anyway’….That Does Not Help Me.

When I was in school last year, I took a computer class but it was in Computer Language which I don’t Speak. I did not like the class, but found some of the younger students quite happy to explain things to me. Unfortunately, although I passed the class, I Still Can’t Use the Laptop.

So Saturday is for me, come what may, to Learn to Use the Laptop. If I am here blogging about something other than Learning to Use the Lap top, you will know I am still no closer to finishing The Book.


Technology :  my Love relationship, how I hate it sometimes.


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