Anxiety, Menopause and the Rant..

Heard back from the doc today about my Woman problems and I have the same ole stuff yuck. Hello Menopause you Awful Thing. Anxiety was having a great day with me today, waiting For the Doctor to Call….tummy churning, rubbing my hands, all the weird things I do when I am in a State of Anxiety.

However, I learned something new…metronidazole is the same name as flagyl.  Who knew?  I thought that they were completely different drugs. One is in gel form which gets put up the hoo haw and they also have it in pill form. I knew about flagyl but not the ‘clinical name’ for it.  The doc suggested that I take the pill form. Once I figured out What She Was Saying, I had the Bright Idea to ask for the clinical name of the drug and once she told me I Knew I Would Be Sick so told her I had to have something for nausea.  Then comes the long dissertation on what to take, how many doses, blah blah blah and so forth…Apparently a week ago It Did Not Do The Trick.  However, the nausea meds, Phenegren, makes one tired and sleepy and leaves an Awful Metallic Taste in one’s mouth so that’s Not Fun Either. Because of the upcoming move, she suggested I try one more Up the hoo haw five day disgusting dose and if that does not work, then do the pills. Ick.

Then she tells me I should eat Yogurt, yes yes I do already.  Then she tells me I should take a Probiotic…Yes yes I do.  Well, she said, it’s just menopause. Just Menopause. Just Menopause???  I was So Mad.   So off to the store I go to begin another week of Yuck. I hope it works.

The hubs was off today, taking a break from working on The Fixer Upper and we went to look at flooring, None of Which I can Afford, so picked out the cheapest which he wanted and I said Fine just to Be Done With It. I don’t care. While driving to the store was pleasant, for we have No Time Together, we of course started talking about the Kids. He mentioned how #5 is such a wonderful son and then the Cries came to visit. He said it ‘s just a heart condition…that really set off the tears more…. The more I tried to stop crying, the more I cried and cried and cried and sobbed until the Hubs lost His Temper and I pulled over and let him drive. (me crying, blowing my nose, and not Paying Attention to the Road was making Him Anxious)….Well how about that – I feel that way all the time…..

I really do not mind the inexpensive (cheap) floor covering for #6 because he is Pigpen from Charlie Brown. Literally. His room is Gross. It smells. He won’t clean it. Neither will I. I shut the door. The hubs wanted carpet and I said, ‘Sure dear, you can vacuum it’. I Refuse.  I know #6 will ruin it.  Then My Aunt Lives  who With Us, that is Another Story and she is as bad as #6….. The hubs wanted carpet for her too. I said Absolutely Not. I am not vacuuming that either. I do everything else Plus Work, no thank you. I will MOP VINYL. Forget about carpet.

Until people show a little more respect, I am No Longer Dobby from Harry Potter. Therefore, vinyl is the answer….The hubs cleaning is hilarious, so he said vinyl is fine. Yes it is weird for a bedroom and they can get area rugs later. We just need to Move.

This is really how bad it is:  Everyone in the house with the exception of my hubs and myself leave their dishes in their rooms or in the kitchen For Days. They don’t wash their dishes nor take out the trash. In the new house (new old fixer up house) I am not putting trash cans in their rooms. They can walk it to the kitchen (or throw it on the floor and it can stay there). I have tested this:  I have just Let Their Dishes Sit. They never wash them. The trash overflows until I take it Out. Ridiculous. Since I live with Disgusting Gross people, I have decided to go paper and plastic. So Stupid. However, it helps me with time a lot. I just throw My Stuff in the Trash and Take It Out. Nobody cleans pots and pans either so until they do, I am Not Cooking unless it’s in the Oven with disposable aluminum foil.  My Aunt makes all kinds of things for Herself, not anyone else and she burns all the baking pans…..Sheesh….Yes it is a bit drastic but sometimes you have to take a stand and right now in the throes of moving and The Menopause, I Refuse to clean up after people that Are No Longer Babies. The washer is broken so I take clothes out two or three times per week because I can not do it all at once, it’s too much. So….because I am trying to Eliminate Stress from My life….vinyl flooring it is, paper or plastic, and soon no baking nor cooking unless it’s aluminum pans.

#1 asked me yesterday when we are going to build a dining room on the fixer upper. I laughed like a hyena. I told him Never. He thought I was turning my back on Tradition. I laughed so hard my belly hurt. I told him he has a New House complete with fabulous Kitchen and a beautiful Dining Room and they love to Entertain, I am going to his house…he must not have received the memo….

Tomorrow I have to go to the new old house and clean Trash Literal Trash that has been sitting in piles for almost a Year because No one will Help the hubs. Yuck. I have been looking everywhere for Boots because I don’t want to ruin my tennis shoes. I Can’t Find Any. I have to buy Gloves Ewwww….He carefully gauged my reaction and asked me if I were mad….I serenely smiled and said of course not while sneering at him and curling my lip in my mind, rattling my tail like a snake, wanting to inject Venom into His Veins….

Oh yes, I forgot!!  I am acting this way because of

the Menopause


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