Is there a cure for anxiety?

I often have asked myself that question. I have tried the meds, exercise, meditation, journaling,  therapy, …nope no cure yet.  However, I spent some time today working at the new/old fixer upper house and boy I can tell you it’s pretty close to a cure.

Here is what I mean:  I had plenty to be anxious about today because #5 got his Motorcycle out of the shop. He called me when I was almost to the new/old fixer upper and wondered if I could give him a ride to get the damn Motorcycle. It’s a good thing I turned around because he was going To Walk Five Miles to get it….will this boy ever learn to take care of his heart?  Of course I told him I was not very far away from home, (I was) and had #6 with me who Was Complaining, but I turned around and picked up #5 and off we go to the bike shop. He got his bike and was so happy but then signaled that he had to turn around and go back; something was wrong with the bike. The mechanic came out and looked at, then fiddled with it, and he was good to go. I followed #5 until it was time for me go onto my exit to the new/old fixer upper.

I gt up early today and went to work, then stopped to buy work gloves and a shovel and a cheap pair of tennis shoes, loaded the cooler with water and ice, took care of #5, and Finally We were on Our Way.

#6 and I spent about three or four hours working outside, and I do mean Working. Picking up sub flooring, roofing tiles, nails, Trash…yuck. Then loading into a huge dumpster. It was disgusting. The sun was going down and #6 looked and me and said, ‘Mom I think we should go. You look awful’….Thank You For That. I limped to the car and wished he could drive. On the way home, we stopped to wash our hands because we were Gross.

At the back of mind, Anxiety was taunting me about #5 back on the bike, but with every load of garbage I filled the can with and drug it to the dumpster, the more I pushed Anxiety away. I was too exhausted. It’s shower and bed for me.

Maybe I should get a job on a construction site…that might do it. I would also lose a ton of weight. And that Saturday I spoke about a few posts ago, me wanting to Learn to Use My Laptop??  Not gonna happen. Two to three more days of Working for Me.  I am truly hoping for a rainy day. But that means I will be Working Inside…..Too tired for you tonight Anxiety!!


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