Laundry Rage…

First let me say that I am truly thankful that we have laundry facilities that we can go to if our washing machines are broken (in my case) or if one simply does not have one. However, due to the weather today, (so cold) I decided Not to work on new/old fixer upper house and do Laundry instead. It took hours. Literally. And Tons of Quarters.

Off I go to the laundry mat early this morning, with the car loaded up with clothes. The entire front and back was packed full. Baskets on top each other. It was Not Fun. On top of that it was cold, yuck. And Rainy. Ick. I made several trips inside, trudging with all of the baskets and then the washing materials and proceeded to load up several machines. It was not busy, so I was pretty happy about that. Slowly people started funneling in. With Their Kids and their Dogs. In the Rain. I was still okay, not exactly stressed, just resigned….

I could not believe it when a lady was having Laundry Rage. Not Road Rage. Laundry Rage. I had clothes in a dryer that She Apparently Wanted. She literally knocked me out of the way with her Ample Hips. No Excuse Me. No Apology. Just a Dirty Look. I barely had time to get my clothes out before she began throwing hers in…..

There is a large population of Hispanic people in my town. They are usually very nice, especially the women. However, this woman was just plain rude. And Where Are All the Gentlemen Out There? Do they not Open Doors any longer For someone Carrying So Many Baskets and are Obviously Struggling???  And why don’t people Control Their Children???

I don’t know where I have been, but I open doors for women or men or children if they are carrying a lot of bags, or laundry. Gender does not matter to me, nor where someone is from, nor the color of their skin. I try and be polite to all..unless I am provoked. Normally I would have  told her off, (Menopause) or Cried (menopause or Anxiety) but I was just too doggone tired. My back is aching from working so hard yesterday and I was miserable in the cold and rainy weather. I let it go.  I did not even give her a dirty look.

I was folding clothes at the folding table, thinking of these things, and saw her out of the corner of my eye….she was getting ready to make a run for another Particular Dryer….I figured it must be a good one.  I immediately unloaded my clothes from a machine, threw them in a basket, and went around the machines the other way to the Dryer She Wanted. On the way out, Finally (!) I threw a sneer her way over my shoulder…

So there!!  I am sure that was just The Menopause, or the Imp in me!


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