Anxiety and…

My hubs is a contractor and so am I , but I have the gift of gab and he has the talent of working, a true craftsman. His alter ego is a geek. For Real. A computer nerd.  Weird.

He was supposed to set up the internet in the new/old fixer upper and was gung ho about this a week ago until he found out the well was messed up (no more townie life for me, so sad about that)…So now he is dealing with Plumbing. Which He Hates, but we have to have it.

I inherited  calling the internet providers, very scarce, and listening to their spiels and then trying to Decipher What They Are Saying…..One has this many gigabytes, one has that many megabytes, anytime minutes in the wee hours of the morning, blah blah blah…You have to be an engineer or something or maybe a computer science wizard along with having an engineering degree to Decipher what they Mean…..Then it’s free installation with this one, not with that one, this plan, that plan, blah blah blah…..

#6 is a gamer, and one company said Of Course He Can Game, the other said, whom I tend to agree with, No Way. He is not too Upset which is Surprising….One company ‘bundles’ with Television, the other does not, I hate bundling with anything because the ‘bundle’ usually gets messed up some way. I am so confused….Anxiety is having such a great time with this!!  I am rubbing my hands together, tummy bouncing all over the place, my head hurts,  picking my fingers (another nice off shoot of Anxiety) ..I am so nervous about all of this and it is So Stupid.

Normally I would just give it back to my hubs and say Forget It. No Internet. No TV

That would really get him to spring into action, but I have to say that I feel so bad for him as he has been working so hard for almost three months sometimes with No Heat — putting on a New Roof, tearing out walls and ceilings and now the Plumbing problem…. and we have no Living Room nor Kitchen and he is so Upset…..Nah I can not do it to him. However, when I choose the Wrong Plan or Carrier, which I am bound to do, because I Do Not Understand the Satellite Internet thing, it will Be My Fault. By that time, I will be back in true form and sneering at him.

So I called the obvious satellite people in the area and got information overload along with promises of great connection, blah blah blah and was so confused. Then I remembered that I actually worked for a satellite company a few years ago for a short time and called them. They set me up right away for both internet and tv. I have no great hopes of anything spectacular as we have been on cable for years, but at least it’s done.

I think that there should be some kind of printed information that people can go to, along with some kind of analogy that is for Normal People that have Regular Brains, and do not have a Computer Science Degree nor an Engineering Degree to understand these things.

It’s so irritating, …now I have to order a phone line. I have noticed that everything is so very expensive….it is like the People Who Are in Charge know that when one moves into a rural area. you are going to Pay…

Phone Line:  I did not know this little bit of trivia….  If you have a cell phone, which many people have opted for, because The Land Lines are so Expensive, it is harder for 911 to Find You if for some reason you can not talk…..therefore, I have to invest in a Land Line because I have my elderly aunt with me, (another blog post God help me) and of course my son with his heart condition. Thus, a land line is necessary….Trying to find regular land line providers without internet phone providers (which apparently are all the rage) is also very difficult. Many companies offer internet phones, which They Call Land Lines. However, after much irritation, I Have Found Out that if the internet goes down, you will Have No Phone….Sheesh!  By the way, they don’t tell you that. You have to  Ask Them; actually pull it out of them like a fishing line…cell phones do not tell 911 where you are..

If you have to go through this, be sure to make plenty of time for being on the phone.  I have been hung up on several times. If you are not interested in anything but a land line, expect to be brushed off. It is possible that the people that work there are on commission and are not worried about Customer Service just to Be Helpful.

I have been on the phone for two hours, it usually only takes me a few minutes to blog but decided I would blog along while waiting for all of this nonsense.  Expect to be talking to someone in another country as well. Many of these providers outsource, so you Will repeat everything a Million Times and they only know the basic information on Their Scripts.  Annoying as all Get out…they also will tell you that they can not transport the same telephone number you have had for Years…and they will tell you that the phone number you want has been Disconnected although I am sitting Right Here at my desk and the Phone is Ringing….Just prepare to be exhausted, disgruntled, upset, make a sandwich and a cup of tea, prepare to blog for a few hours or read a book.  It’s so annoying.  And if You Work, you will Never accomplish this on your lunch Hour.

I would love to jump through the Phone Line and do it For Them….

Oh yes, my bad mood is The Menopause


It’s Stupidity….




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