Happy Thought

I usually post Happy Thoughts after I write a sad story.

Today I have been reading blogs in between the Drudge of Packing in order to Move. Yuck! (moving, not the blogs)!!  There are many sad stories in cyberspace….

Here is a scenario told to me many years ago by my great psychologist, during a therapy session:

You are on an airplane and your child is in the seat next to you. The plane begins to stall and the oxygen masks drop down.  Who do you put the mask on first?  You or your child?

My answer:  My child.

Doctor:  Why would you do that?

Me:  To save my child of course.

Doctor:  If you put the child’s mask on first, you will die. Therefore, you must put the mask on yourself First; then the child. You must take care of yourself First because otherwise you can not take care of others….

I struggle after all of these years with this lesson, although I tell it to my own children all the time.

Take care of yourself First, so you can take care of others later. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will soon burn out and won’t be able to take care of anyone!

Why is this my Happy Thought?  Because when I take care of Me first, not selfishly, just taking care of Me before anyone else, I really am in a place emotionally, as well as every other way…..to take care of others….



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