Very little blogging for me today. I have been on a suppository gel for my daily Irritation, Menopause. A ‘little infection’ as the docs says. I have been on this disgusting gel for two weeks .I broke down today and called the doc and they had to give me another 7 day dose in pill form.  Yuck!  The meds make me sick. The last time I took them, I was dehydrated within a half hour. No kidding. I had no idea one could dehydrate so fast.  I have to take an anti nausea with it, which makes me tired. Literally knocks me out. So after the first dose, I was knocked out for four hours. Somehow I will have to struggle through the medicine….It looks like my last dose will be on moving day. I have to take the disgusting stuff for seven days 3 times a day. I asked the doc if I can just get a shot and was told no. I can it through an IV and and I do not get sick so I am having trouble Understanding this nonsense…. No packing done and the move is on Tuesday of next week!  I was trying to avoid this by doing the gel for another seven days, but alas, did not work. So pills it is. How I am going to continue to pack and organize is beyond me, since I can’t seem to stay awake!!  I have to take the pills for another seven days. Then if it’s still not right, off to the gyn doc for me. These are little things They Don’t Tell You about the Menopause.  Vaginitis is apparently very common. It’s not only uncomfortable, but it Hurts.

We are moving into a Small house, so I have many items for sale. They are not on sale for much money, it’s just to get Rid of Them because there is No Room. I have received the strangest calls, and people want things for nothing. Such as a solid walnut table with eight chairs circa 1940s for 20.00.  I have called a Thrift Shop that benefits the community to pick up things on next Tuesday. However, they do not want many ‘big things’ such as a solid oak desk….Sheesh.  So hard to move these days. I am also trying to make it easier on the hubs as he has been working so very hard to make the house livable.

.I am hoping that I can push through tomorrow and not make any stops until I can get a majority of the packing finished. It’s just little things really. I am probably allowing my Anxiety to get the best of Me.

Usually Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. My son is hosting of course, because I host Nothing any longer, (my choice) and I know that they are planning a nice dinner for everyone, but I would rather be packing or getting laundry done prior to the move. Sounds awful right?  Many of the children are also going to be there so I would like to see everyone. However, the hubs will be working at the house, so that’s No Fun…it feels weird to me….The combination of moving and not feeling good is making me nervous…

Grrr!! Menopause!!


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