Happy Easter…

Happy Easter to everyone!!

Easter and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I have always loved Easter because I would go to church with Mom. We would get up early, get dressed as usual (not dressy) and we would then go to church. I am an Episcopalian, but do not practice as one any longer regularly, although I love their form of worship. All of the hymns were upbeat, happy, all about New Life in Christ…so wonderful. There were lillies lining every pew and the church, although very old, was so very beautiful in the simple way it was decorated. After the service, the children would gather on the lawn and have an
Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun. After, we would either go to Mom’s house or my Aunt Margie’s for brunch/dinner.  As they grew older, sometimes I would host Easter, and then we started going out.  It was still a wonderful holiday and one that I miss with them. Today I am going #1’s home. He has just built a pretty home and they love to entertain. Since I am moving, everything is in boxes, and I Hate To Cook, we are going there. I am going more or less out of obligation. I would rather stay home and finish packing, as we are running out of time. The move is on Tuesday. I still have things to pack, shut down the office, forward the phones, do laundry…..the list goes on and on.  The washer is broken so I have to take everything out, and the new/old fixer upper does not have a laundry room nor hook ups, so I am used to it. So much to get done!  I also have to somehow clean this house, quite a feat in itself. I used to look at going to others’ for holidays with much anxiety, wondering if I was going to have a panic attack or something. Today I am resigned and will make the best of it.  It will be nice to get out of the house for a little while as well I am sure….

Happy Easter!!



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