Moving Day….

Today is moving day. I have everything packed up and ready to go, with the exception of odds and ends. I am waiting on the hubs to break down the computer in the office, but have most of the tasks I have to do ….are finished.  Almost.

I received a call last night from the hubs. The toilets were backing up in the new/old fixer upper. Problem. This morning called a septic guy and he is on the way out there. Hopefully he can take care of the problem. More Money.

The hubs has all kinds of arthritis in his back, as well as ruptured or bulging discs and he won’t go in for surgery….He takes steroids a few times a month and has non narcotic pain meds. The poor man has working like a dog since December, even in the snow….He hurt his back last night. I was going to hire some guys on the corner that need work and he said Absolutely Not. I hate that. It would ease his burden a bit if the truck were packed up for him. He is Not Having It. I worry about him.

I worry about everything. I do not know why this move seems to be so complicated. It is though, and every time I turn around there is a new problem and Money is Short. I am praying that somehow we can get through this day without someone hurting themselves. I have done as much as I can to make it easier, packing a million boxes Light. #5 had No Idea we were moving today, Where is His Brain???  He went to work last night so his sister and I Cleaned and Packed his room as best we could. He should not lift heavy things up and down stairs due to his heart. #6 grumbled and complained because he had to take a lot of trash out and There Was No Food. Why can’t kids eat sandwiches???  My aunt is another story entirely. She too, Must Have Her Food.  Can not make a sandwich.  She is 75 and tries to micro manage her packing from her rocking chair. I get very angry with her and my daughters tell me to ignore her, but it’s hard for me to do that.

The satellite man is supposed to come tomorrow at the other house so maybe I can write a little.  I hope so…I need prayers!!


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