B is for badge. I tried to put one on my side bar and did not even manage to ‘do a side bar’ I don’t think. I have my hand in a splint so can not type very well and have very little patience since I am on steroids.. I am very grouchy as well, not having access to the internet, becoming accustomed to a new place. A fixer upper is a house with a bathroom, yay!!  Although septic had to be pumped the day of the move and plug in heaters, a cook top, very glad about that, a fridge, thank goodness, and no living room, just bedrooms…..I am thankful though and know it is a work in progress but being injured is not my idea of fun. Not being able to unpack as fast as I would like, help my hubs, ….too much. I was not able to do the challenge on April 1st, and am probably not really entered, but will do it anyway for fun. Excuse the typos. I have enjoyed reading my regular blog pals each day on my phone and for that, thank goodness!  B for badge that I don’t think I have….one of these days I will figure out how to have a pretty blog like so many others I enjoy!!


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