D is for Dumb…

D is really for dumb. My birthday falls on April 4th and it’s one of my favorite days of the year. Not because of my birthday, I just really like the date. #4 and I had planned to see a movie near the end of March, beginning of April, it was a sequel that we really did not want to wait to see. She wondered if I were feeling well enough with my hand to go on April 3rd, that I wouldn’t have to drive, and I said sure. She contacted her other sisters and one of them could make a coffee date but not see the movie, that was fine..#1 wanted us to stop by on the way home which was fine as I had his moving dolly to drop off and he had two heaters for me to borrow. Little did we know that we would be visiting longer, saw a later movie, and he said that we should not bother to stop by, as we were late and he was busy. Now #1 and I grew up together and I gave up much of my young life for him. He gets very sensitive and mean sometimes…He had a cake but did not bother to let anyone know about it, of course we all would have come by, what about the hubs and the youngest kids too?  Ah well, suffice it to say that D is for dumb because #1 acted so dumb and childish and of course The Menopause Cries came to visit and he told me off up one side and down the other…..it was a fun day with the girls though and for that I am thankful. #2 drove over an hour and a half to have coffee with her Mawm.  That’s pretty cool….#3 and #4 plied me with candy and we had so much fun at the movies!  I have not went out and seen a movie for years, so it was a real treat!!


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