G is for Go..

g is for go…

go and pray for your loved ones, our country, all of your needs and concerns

go and take a nap if your body is tired

go and eat food if you are hungry

go and exercise if you do that in your regular routine

go take a walk if exercise is not your thing

go and take a shower even if you are too tired

go and write a letter to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

go and send an email or a text to a friend if you are more internet friendly

go and take a class to learn something new

go to school even if you do not want to

go and tell someone you are sorry even if you are embarrassed

go to the doctor and get those pesky check ups you hate

go and walk out in confidence even if you don’t feel confident

go and hold your head high even if you are drooping

go and tell the truth even if it’s hard to do

go outside and look around even it’s raining, enjoy nature even if it’s just from the front steps

go and chase your dreams if you are young before you have any responsibilities even if people don’t agree with you

go and get your education even if you think it’s not needed

go out and have some fun, even if you don’t want to

go and face your fear even though you know it will be scary

go and say something nice to someone even if they are mean

go and chase your dreams if you are old, no one can tell you not to, you have wisdom!

go and be the best you can possibly be, no one can ask anything more of you than that

go and start a blog if you need to put down your thoughts and want to talk to someone, we are all reading and listening…

go and search out the truth for yourself, do not let anyone mold your thoughts for you…

never be stagnant

never give up

never accept no








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