H is for…

H is for

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

What in the world is that?

I asked the same question.

It’s easier to get medical speak by looking it up

Essentially it is a thickening of the heart muscle

doctors think it’s genetic

in my son’s case they can not find the gene so maybe he is just one of those people who have it

the docs think that it is present at birth

it’s not very common compared to other heart conditions but there are centers around the world that are usually attached to large hospitals where doctors are specially trained in this disease and they are running clinical trials and studies.

sometimes it also presents with a stenosis which grows out into the heart chamber, close to valve, thus a need for valve replacement (in the case with our son)

some people live their entire lives without a symptom

others die suddenly playing football or soccer at a young age

many times there are no symptoms – other times symptoms present and then sudden death

parents are left devastated — kids die

We found out by our son having unusually high blood pressure for apparently no reason except for maybe diet.

Diet was changed, weight was lost, echo was done, many more tests, waiting waiting

diagnosis:  hcm

leaves the kid if they are older, reeling…

parents:  what to do?  Helpless…


H is for H C M

How I hate it



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