We are diverse..

We are a diverse family.

My girls and I talk in Movies. For example, in Practical Magic, there is line which states, ‘Since when is being a slut a crime in this family’? and the girls sing out, ‘Mawm’!!

The ironic thing about that is they are all young women now but very pure and loving and Nothing Like Me. Thank goodness. I always looked for love in the wrong places For Real.

I married a boy that was part Native American when I was young and had my first son. He was Not Nice, abusive, blah blah blah, divorced by 20. Then had a relationship that lasted 18 months with an African American, broke up with him, discovered I was pregnant, had #2. Finally met my hubs and had four more. Thus, they laugh when calling Mawm a slut.

Some of the kids look alike, some don’t….one has beautiful red hair, a true throw back to our Irish roots (half Irish half Italian my side)….we are truly diverse…a tribe if you will, they look different, they act different, tamato, tomato…

I never was racist. When young I had all kinds of friends, but seemed to gravitate toward Asians. Who knows why, I just did. One of my best friends in elementary was Korean, and thus began my love of all things Asian…In middle school one of my best friends was Hispanic. She and I had the greatest times…she had such a big and loving family; I wanted to be one of them. They were very open and inviting… One of my best friends as a young woman was African American. We had a wonderful friendship…. I never saw anyone in terms of skin color or where they were from. My birth parents were very racist and I did not like them for that. They always wondered why I couldn’t bring home ‘an American’?  They were the dumb ones, I am sure my friends were Americans, they just may have been Korean, or Hispanic, or Black. They were still American!  I didn’t care what they said anyway. I liked kids that I got along with or had something in common with..

Racism did not touch me personally until I had #2. My side of the family did not like it and that side of the family Hated it. Hated white people. (me anyway) It hurt. Bad.  I of course had no idea, as usual. When #2 was born, I saw her for herself: beautiful. She looks caramel with beautiful features. Who cares? She could have been green and purple. I didn’t care then and don’t care now. The families have healed after many years. We all get along. In fact I love her step mom. She is so funny and so Real….I call her friend.   Now of course it’s all water under the bridge and everyone gets along and everyone has evolved; thank goodness for #2 has a son. I hope he embraces himself for who he is, not what others want him to be, or think him to be.

However, racism is alive and well. I see it now, more frequently but still refuse to let it get me down. I sneeringly call people out on it and blame The Menopause. I can now Get Away With It.   I hate racism of any kind. God made us all in His Image.

I can not stand inequality. I think that men and women should be paid equally for jobs done equally. I think all Americans are equal under the Constitution, period. Black, white,  hispanic, asian, gay, straight, whatever. All Americans. All equal rights.

I have evolved. I used to be very conservative in my views, and I still am. The difference is that I have been educated through my children’s eyes. Tolerance, love, acceptance. That is what they have taught me. I also have a very best friend that has taught me tolerance, and love and acceptance through our shared Christian faith. She recently told me to let ‘those things’ to God. Things that rub against my conservative principles. She is right. I am so glad that I have an open mind. I always thought I did until my kids went to college. My mind opened upon hearing their well thought out views and opinions.  My heart opened through the gentle prodding of my best friend.

Diversity. I love it. Have always loved it. I have always been fascinated with those from other countries or cultures. They have always been so interesting to me. Their stories, their dress, their food, their writings, their art….I guess I love to learn, and have since being a child; just never realized it. I love that diversity reigns in my family. I can not imagine them any other way…

I looked up a picture of a Choctaw Native American girl a few years ago and she looks like my granddaughter’s twin. Throw back!! Love it!

Embrace whoever you are

I embrace you



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