I have discovered that I love blogging. I love writing.  I love the platform that WordPress has given me.

A few posts ago, I was trying to ad a badge to my sidebar, and did not really know what a sidebar was, and still am a little confused about it. I was hoping one of my wizard children would stop by and help me customize my blog.

I have started following and reading blogs since I started blogging and many of them are so pretty, with lovely colors, and pictures and they are so pleasing to the eye. Today #3 had some extra time and picked me up for coffee. She has started a new blog about her upcoming Adventure…moving to Colorado, securing a great Teaching Job, Relocating, Getting Married, Graduating from College with her Masters….so exciting!!  Her blog has a terrific name and beautiful lay out. She sat down at my computer and showed me her new Creation. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to read all about her new Life. Pulling up a chair to a table I use for a desk, with an ulterior motive in mind, I asked her to help me ‘customize my blog’…I did not take much time with it, I was confused as usual….She chose the new theme and color scheme and as her fingers flew over the keyboard, I was trying to keep up with whatever she was doing, but sadly failed. I easily lapsed into my old complacency and allowed her to work her magic.  I love the new look!  I hope my readers do too!  I can’t take the credit, #3 did it for me, it took her all of five minutes or less…I would still be here tonight trying to figure it all out, having Google open in another tab, furiously researching how to make a pretty blog…..Thank goodness for my younger children who take a few minutes to help Mawm with her blog!

I am really more interested in my actual writing, my therapy, my practice platform, my ‘self training’ for writing each day, no matter what….however, I thought the ‘old look’ was rather boring. I did not want the new look to be ‘too busy’ or complicated, but I did want it look ‘easy on the eyes’….I think it’s a great improvement!

Thanks #3 you have mad  blogging skills….I hope someday I can hone my craft to be at least half as good as you are. Win!

#3 suggested that I ‘name my blog’ but I don’t know what to name it. I don’t have a particular theme, like traveling, or going on an adventure, or blogging about my business, which I am not ruling out. #3 suggested I think of a name. I replied, ‘No, I just want to keep the name the same. I am just Toni’.

Good enough…for



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