Options for all today..

Blogging has shown me a wonderful platform for writing, but I have also discovered those who feature their art, photography, cartoons, advice, fashion, songs, so many talents!

Here is a short true story:

I knew I was a poet at a young age but could not for the life of me figure out what to do with this talent. I certainly did not then and do not now think I am elevated to the ‘greats’ of literature. But I did think that it would be a great job to write for a card company. For a few days, I found out where a large card company was located, and planned out a route to drive many hours to their headquarters. I was only 18, so my plans were a little soft, but I just figured I would walk in with my Notebook (paper) and ‘wow’ them…..ah, youth…so naive!  It never happened and Life came to visit Full Force, another dream of mine shelved for a time…..a long time.

Now we have access to the Internet with blogs and U Tube and so many other platforms to showcase our God Given talents. I think it’s wonderful and amazing!  I have heard of an artist that showcased her art on Instagram and was ‘discovered’ and is now being Paid…she is young too and I love young people!  I am partial to art as #4 is an artist, so my interest meter immediately peaks whenever I hear of artists and their various platforms they use to become ‘discovered’.  #4 does not care about being discovered. I love that about her. She is artistic naturally, but ‘does art’ for her own pleasure….but the things she creates are truly beautiful and in different mediums:  paint, bronze, sculpture, and ‘art things’ I don’t even know about…they are just pretty to me.

Perhaps it is because we are sitting behind a computer or laptop or Ipad or phone and we are kind of anonymous and yet still in touch, but I applaud the Courage that people have to ‘put themselves out there’…..I hope you know how happy you make one old lady who enjoys your craft!! Better than perusing a magazine….

Years ago I got the Photography Bug. I saved money and bought an old 35  mm camera and used it as a therapy exercise, both for therapy and for fun. I loved black and white film the best for some strange reason….I even sold a few pieces…go me!   I realized that I loved it!  I was the family photographer for a while, until the ‘new pregnancy pictures’ and ‘engagement photos’ and such began to come onto the photography scene. I did not like to take posed pictures. I loved pictures that were candid, when no one was watching…animals, signs, weird things like stairs….(no idea why…) just things that were interesting and then became even more cool as I shot them through my lens. Today with the new and improved digital cameras and filters and such, I am not as interested in taking pictures myself but I love looking at them in people’s blogs.

I have wondered if those who blog realize how profound their work is, their art is, their stories are, their travels are….to those of us who read them.

I love the fact that we are all artists and that we have so many options available to us…even if we are not discovered or ‘make it big’….it’s so much fun and a part of my day that I really look forward to…..instead of laundry, work, the store, crying, worrying, thinking too much, feeling guilty, ..having anxiety, thinking about my troubles…you know


This is my Happy Place


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