A love story…

There was a girl in college and a boy in college and they knew each other and were attracted to one another, but the timing was never right and they became friends. One day, the boy was coming home from a summer job and stopped by the girl’s house to hang out as friends and catch up on what they had both been doing over the summer before going back to college.

It was a beautiful summer day, and the boy had never been to her town. She suggested that they go to a nearby park to hang out and enjoy the day. One topic lead to another and then another and I imagine that the ‘omg’ probably burst into their minds because what transpired was completely unexpected.  Fireworks, attraction, buddies, friendship, never running out of things to say, wanting to spend every chance they got together, I love you, I love you too, let’s get married…..

Completely totally unexpected.


That’s how love happens

One generation after another

When you least expect it

When you are not planning it

When you are not thinking about it

When you are not ‘looking’

BAM!  Out of Nowhere

For Real

True Love


–this is a true story

a beautiful



I hate run on sentences as a teacher of English (not professional) but it makes sense to have them in the context of this story, because it happened much like stated above** (readers digest version of course, I mean I wasn’t there or anything…)


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