M is for…

M is for…magnanimous. What a lovely word!

Magnanimous means being noble, generous is spirit, not keeping grudges, nor resentments. One can be magnanimous in daily living in small ways until a kindness of spirit actually becomes a habit. When someone cuts you off while driving, instead of speeding up and riding their bumper, easing off the accelerator, not getting mad, can be seen as being magnanimous. While in the grocery store and heading toward an available check out, allowing someone else to go first is an example of being magnanimous. Any kind of volunteering for any cause at all can be seen as being noble, or magnanimous..however, being anonymous is best….Allowing someone to have the last word can be construed as being magnanimous….Sometimes it is hard to be magnanimous toward family. However, it can be done by simply trying a few simple rules:  Allow someone close to you tell them all about themselves, not getting annoyed when they don’t ask how You are Doing….If a family member hurts your feelings, try not to be angry, be the bigger person, do not hold a grudge, be magnanimous….

Going through Menopause The Event is very trying…not just on the woman going through it, but also for the family and friends close to you. Being magnanimous is next to impossible sometimes. However, I am going to try it more frequently, keeping my eye rolls to a minimum, perhaps doing them In My Mind, and keeping my Nasty Thoughts to myself and perhaps Literally Biting my Tongue so that I can be more magnanimous….Sneering is my favorite New Expression during Menopause…however, I am going to concentrate on keeping the Sneering to a minimum, again, In My Mind, so as not to hurt the feelings of those close to me…..

I really do Want to be generous in spirit, and I was until Menopause came to Visit, most Unwelcome, I may add. The Real Me is generous in spirit, but the Menopause has brought out an Evil Minion. Therefore, I will try very hard to be magnanimous and not be mean spirited. I do not keep grudges, but I do cut people out of life, and always have. I do not see that changing. But I would like to be more Magnanimous toward those already in my life, those that I want to Keep in My Life, thus being Magnanimous….

I really love that word.

Can you tell?


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