A funny tale…

#2 has a step mother. Her dad and I were broken up when I discovered I was carrying her.

Her dad and I tolerate one another, but I do like her step mother very much. While #2 was in labor about six months ago, her dad stopped by the hospital and then disappeared for a while (typical..have to get those digs in)…and her step mom and I were waiting for the baby to be born…the nurses would pop their heads in, as well as the doc, and #2 would say something like, ‘these are my moms’….

#2 had to deliver her son by c section and her step mom and I were in the waiting room, visiting….her hubs came to the waiting room and told us the baby was born and upstairs we ran…

Again, ‘the moms’ arrived….

The attending nurses were very gracious, and made comments about my daughter’s moms, and I started thinking about it after all the excitement was over…

I told her step mom that they all think we were married!  (her moms….) Now her step mom is very conservative, and she was horrified that people would think she and I were married. Well my ex wasn’t there, and the ‘moms’ were, so of course people would assume that we were married.  #2 introduced us as her ‘moms’….. I thought it was absolutely hilarious!  I laughed until tears were running down my face, especially at her step mom’s expression.  She said she was calling her husband to get his butt over there! 

Now when I talk to #2, I often ask her how my wife is and she cackles with laughter….Today we were talking about my grandson and he spends some days at her stepmother’s house. I told her it was unacceptable for her dad to have all the fun with my grandson, but it’s okay that my wife enjoys him…..

I hung up the phone hearing that sweet girl howl with laughter!


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