Happy thought….

I was lucky enough to have a chat with #5 today. We don’t talk much because I think he knows that I am prone to the Cries when I speak with him.  I also think he thinks I am Obsessed with his heart condition, which sadly, I am.

However, today, much to my surprise, he invited me into his room for a little chat. He said he had to soon leave for work and I commented that he was always working and asked him when he gets a day off. He replied that he was off on Saturday and I told him that it was good because he works so hard and goes to school as well. He had a funny smile on his face and I asked him what was going on…..

He was trying to hide his joy but I know my son and could see happiness, real happiness radiating off his handsome face and knew something was going on….

He said he had a date on Saturday night. I tried to push down my Joy because that would probably embarrass him, so casually asked him who the girl was, her name, and what he was going to do…

He said he was going to take her out to dinner and then see a movie of Her choice.

I told him that was so nice, taking a girl out on a real date, like a gentleman.

He smiled that goofy smile I love so much and said:

‘My Mama raised me right’…..


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