Boys will be…

Boys will be boys…

Most people that have two or three children & know that siblings argue and fight, sometimes at the exasperation of the parents because it is for no good reason.

I am an only child so I have never really understood the dynamics of siblings, although I have watched them play out with my six kids for many years. Often, it leaves me wondering what in the world is going on…

Our lives changed six months ago in a big way when our son was diagnosed with hcm heart disease. There are many things he can do and live a normal life, such as ride the Damn Motorcycle. The doc even says he can ride a roller coaster…(explain that one please)…but he is not to have that adrenaline pumping, exert himself by rigorous exercise, carry or lift things that may be heavy, to name just a few of the ‘don’ts….One of the symptoms that something could be wrong is being short of breath. This can occur by running up the stairs, or running across campus.

Last night, #5, (the one with HCM) came in from work and needed to use the bathroom. #6, the youngest was in the bathroom, waiting for me to bring him some medicine for a minor injury. The youngest was told to get out of the bathroom, he of course did not like his brother’s attitude, and before I realized what was going on, a fight had broken out in the kitchen. I heard yelling and screaming and words I am Not going to repeat here and I ran down the hallway looking like a wild woman. The boys were fighting. Normally this would get a huge eyeroll and scolding from me. However, the younger one is feeling neglected by his brother, is working with his dad right now, is adjusting to a move into a new/old fixer upper, and is only 15, so perhaps does not fully grasp (nor care according to him) his brother’s condition….The noise was so loud that the hubs was on my heels and saw the boys ready to pummel each other. Most alarming was the look on #5’s face, chest heaving, and mouth open, Being Short of Breath. The hubs grabbed the youngest and Picked Him Up (he’s a big kid almost six feet tall) and lifted him Outside to cool off. He immediately ‘bear hugged’ #5, whispering to calm down, trying to be manly so as not to embarrass him. The hubs had that frantic look on his face, blue eyes wide, …..fear.

Since the hubs had #5, I ran out of the house in the Dark and creepy yard, looking for #6. He was very upset about his brother’s reaction toward him and I could hear the hurt spilling out of him, but tried to reason with him because he could actually hurt his brother. After over thirty minutes of conversation, I could see that I was getting No Where and he was tired so excused him to go to bed.

I told the hubs about the youngest, he told me about the older one, and we admitted We Have a Problem. I can’t reason with these boys. I have tried numerous times over the years, but they do not listen. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. The problem is, that rough housing and fighting is no longer Allowed due to #5s condition. The hubs and I agreed on that months ago, but saw what could happen last night and we again reiterated that Something has to Be Done. What? No idea.  The good thing is that the hubs is level headed where I am hysterical and I have faith that he will be able to reason with the boys today, perhaps on an individual basis. Thank goodness the hubs is not working today and I am. I am glad I am not going to be here. The youngest has to understand that by fighting and riling up his brother, it could hurt him. If he has a heart attack, it could kill him. I am not sure if the hubs and I are being dramatic or over cautious, but we both believe in this way. That’s a good thing I guess. Better than being complacent. It’s still scary……

And we do need that second bathroom to be built!!


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