O is for…

O is for Opportunity

There are so many opportunities in this great country of ours to do something great, be someone great, and succeed in life…..if one wants to. It is not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve your goals, but we are able to succeed if we work hard, keep trying and most important,  do not accept failure.  Our country has programs in place for children who are not able to have breakfast at home, and are able to have breakfast at school. There are free and reduced lunches for those who may come from homes that do not earn much money. There are after school clubs and organizations that provide things for the children to do that are fun and engaging so that they don’t have to go home to an empty house. There are opportunities for financial aid so that young people can go to college. The list goes on and on.

There are opportunities in the work place as well although they are not as easy as in the schools. Employers are starting to give family leave so that both moms and dads can stay home when a baby is born. Many employers offer leave for family emergencies as well. Gyms and day cares are onsite on many companies today so that employees can exercise on their breaks at work, or before or after work. Parents are able to bring their children to work and leave them at the onsite daycares which are more convenient for them.

Opportunities abound for volunteerism. That may sound strange. However, volunteering is the backbone of many of the organizations that provide support for people. It can be at a church, a community center, a library or a school, just to name a few. These organizations provide a great service to their communities through volunteering by food drives, clothing drives, reading programs, glasses, and other services which greatly benefit families. Volunteering in and of itself gives an opportunity for people to ‘give back’ to their communities, as well as gives much satisfaction for the people who are volunteering.

Sometimes when times are dark, and one has a problem that they just can’t see the way out of, it’s hard to see an opportunity to climb out of the darkness and see the light at the end of the tunnel. A quick browse on line or a quick look at newspaper will usually show one an opportunity to help….

One just has to look..


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