Happy thought..

#3 was doing some reading while traveling home from seeing her in laws. She came across an article that used stem cell research that rejuvenated the heart muscle of those who had heart disease that affects the muscle, which #5 does. (HCM)  There is a clinical trial going on right now in Ohio, in which an 18 year old boy with another kind of heart disease that affects the muscle is participating in, and they are seeing good results.  I was so excited when she texted me this information, as well as the link that I went right to my computer. I must have had eight windows open so that I could understand the ‘medical speak’ I was reading about. I confess that I really did not understand much of it. However, the part I did understand was that by using stem cell research, the heart muscle can actually rejuvenate itself, thus being healthy. This is Huge for those with heart conditions that involve the thickening of the heart muscle. I know that this trial and it’s results will trickle on down to the HCM centers around the country and it is a real beacon of hope that have these kinds of heart conditions. They may have to have treatment for the rest of their lives but their hearts will be healthy and they don’t have to worry about ‘sudden events’ (death) from heart attacks. I know that this is a new ‘thing’ and I should not get too excited, but I can’t help it; I have



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