Book Review

James Patterson….

What else is there to say?  I love him and can’t wait for just about any book he comes out with. I await them with impatience. He writes many series, and many of them are my favorites. The Alex Cross series is about a detective in Washington, D.C. Several of Patterson’s books have been made into movies. I can not get enough of Alex Cross!

The Woman’s Murder Club:  This is another series of James Patterson. This series is about four women that call themselves, ‘The Woman’s Murder Club’. One is a lawyer, one is a reporter, one is a medical examiner, and of course one is a detective. This series has twists and turns and explores the lives and loves of these four women and always keeps me guessing.

The Michael Bennet Series: Michael Bennet is a police detective in New York. He has twelve kids ( I think it’s 12). His wife passed away, and they had adopted all of these children. He has a live in Nanny, and the last book gives the reader a glimpse into future books that will surely highlight an upcoming romance between the two of them. Michael also has a grandfather that is a Priest, and the Irish are always getting into hilarious scrapes. Of course the crimes that Bennet solves are full of exciting and intriguing twists and turns and I never get tired of reading this series.

NYPD RED: I love this series as well. It’s about two detectives based in New York City. They used to be lovers, now they are partners. They battle the crimes of the rich and famous. This series is interesting and a fun read. Love it!

Maximum Ride:  This series is for children, the teen years. I have read a few of these books, as have my children when they were teens. I stopped reading this series after just a few books, but my children continued to read and they loved it. I liked it too. Great for children.

James Patterson is one of my favorite authors.


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