Is there a time limit….??

I met a young woman today who went on a date with a young guy. They went out to dinner and talked and talked. One date lead to another. One text, then two, then three, then too many to count…through out the day…turned into days….and then weeks. A few weeks went by. They are still inseparable. They see each other as much as they can and they are enjoying one another’s company. She is a college student and works several jobs. He has a part time job and helps take care of a family member. She was telling me about friends and family that thought their relationship was moving too fast, that she was going to be hurt, that she should maybe take it slow….

I was rattling these things around in my mind today while driving. I spend much more time in the car since I live in the country now. I was thinking about my conversation with this young woman. It reminded me of when my hubs and I were young. We were together as much as possible. We were the best of friends. We would talk for hours, never running out of things to say. Next to my beloved Mom, he was the one I wanted to spend my time with. I never got bored, never thought that there was anything odd about spending so much time together. It was natural and I felt as if I knew him forever. He made me laugh so much and he was just fun to be with, whether we were doing something special or just going into a convenience store and getting coffee.

When you meet that special someone, whether it leads to marriage or a long term relationship, it’s just right and normal and good and wonderful. If it leads to love, and takes a fast track, so what?

Who said there was a time limit on love?

If there is a book or memo that states there must be a certain amount of time that one should ‘go by’ before they have a second date, or a third, or if there is a certain amount of time before one should see another again….I never read the book, nor got the memo.

I’m just happy that she seems so happy.

I don’t think that anyone can put a time limit on falling in love….

You just do, and when you do,

it’s awesome!

I   love   LOVE


2 thoughts on “Is there a time limit….??

  1. I don’t think you can place a limit either. Every relationship is different and everyone takes a course…
    Sometimes that course ends and sometimes it lasts forever.


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