I met this young girl….

I talked with a  young girl today who had sex with her boyfriend. Girl…she is really a young woman in her twenties. It was the first time she was intimate. She had wondered throughout the years what the fuss was about, and wanted to experience it for herself, although she was also quite adamant about “holding out for marriage” and waiting for “the one”.  It just kind of happened in that special way that these things sometimes do…she was very worried and had some anxiety about telling her mother.

Her mother and I go way back and are great friends…I laughed to myself because we were ‘quite the scandal’ a million years ago….and definitely did not wait for the right guy. We were young and stupid and regretted our actions and learned from our mistakes the hard way. We are so proud of our daughters who have so much more respect for themselves than we did. Her mom and I are believers in waiting for marriage, and yet we also know that sometimes, most of the time….these days…these modern times….girls don’t wait for marriage and would probably find that notion ridiculous…..However, I also know that her mother would never judge because she was the farthest from a saint herself.

The good thing about this conversation is that the young woman was not sorry it happened, she really cares for this guy, in fact, she is falling for him….she wish she would have known the guy longer and I certainly was not going to tell her that her own mother had known guys even less time before they….you know…although her mother wasn’t happy with herself At All.

I encouraged her to tell her mom, because she really wanted to, and yet was afraid. Later on, she did in fact tell her. Her mom was not shocked, nor upset with her. Her mom had told me weeks ago that she thought this was going to happen and that the two young lovers were falling for one another…

As our children are growing up and leaving the nest, we both know we can not control our adult children, nor do we want to. We certainly want them to remain pure and receive all the blessings God have for them and we both believe in waiting….

Although we both also watch the young lovers with fingers crossed, hoping

for wedding bells to ring

someday in the near


Ah young love….

I  love  LOVE




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