Letter to my son…

My darling,

You don’t have to apologize when you walk out of a room, angry with me because I said the wrong thing….but I am glad you did think to apologize. I wanted to thank you for pulling up a chair at my desk and inviting me to look at cars with you. You know I love Mustangs! I also appreciate you asking my opinion on what you should do about your Damn Motorcycle and your car…..I held back tears when you said you were never so happy as when you were riding your Damn Motorcycle. I have a love-hate with that machine. I want you to ride to have fun but I am So Scared something Bad will Happen…..Those thirty minutes we spent looking online at cars made my day. Thank you thank you thank you….

Looking at you, loving you, knowing you, listening to you, even when you are angry, listening to you play your guitar….

makes my


Love Mawm


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